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[Product Announcement] G TD13 and G BT11

So, in today’s stream, we got info ‘bout the new trial deck, and the new booster. I’ll get to it, but first off:


Bushi, I swear, give Fenrir support, or else…………………………………………………………………………………………………

Okay, that aside, we got great info today!


G TD 13: Ruler of the Evil Eye (Reference to Shiranui, duh.)

Release Date- June 9, 2017

Main noice thingies:

Starting with Ruler of the Evil Eye, the following changes:

  • There will be 2 copies of a G Guardian
  • Trump Cards are included along with important reprints
  • Randomly inserted FOIL cards
  • Price increases from 1100 Yen to 1300 Yen
  • Starter Sets are being discontinued apparently, and instead Card Sleeves and Deck Holders will be released the same day as the Trial Deck.

Yep, those are the new changes starting from this trial deck. The 2 G Guards are great, also trump cards reprints. See, clearly it says reprints. So, we can expect main cards like Noroi, OG Shiranui, hell, even Atagolord could be reprinted. Goddamn it Bushi! You had one job. Yep, there’s only one reprint, which is the stride fodder. But still, I want a Shiranui reprint! The stride fodder is reprinted at four, WITH ALT ART. Goody-goody. But, the price increased by 200 yen. Also, now the TD comes with random foils, so collect four copies of each foil TD card, and you get a full foil deck. No starter sets now, so no JPN-only Starter set reprints. Or sleeves, or deckboxes. Instead, there wil be a simultaneous release.

The Stride Fodder with new art

So, new TD is great. It has the new Shiranui. What in the actual hell Bushi ?! I mean, it’s okay, you need to sell your stuff, but the old Shiranui needed to be reprinted. He went over 40 bucks now. How the heck do you want people to buy the old guy ? You could have done this with the previous TDs, put Heavens Decree and Searing Boobs in the TD, but NOPE. You just put em in the Chara booster, and right now they are 40 bucks and 50 bucks respectively.

Now, I can’t talk about the new TD without talking ‘bout it’s star card, new Shiranui:


Demonic Stealth Dragon, Shiranui “Oboro”

Grade 3 / Dragon Empire – Nubatama – Abyss Dragon/Power 11000

AUTO (VC): When your Ride Phase begins, you can choose 1 card from your opponent’s Drop Zone. If you choose it, your opponent Calls that card to (RC), and when that turn ends, that Unit is Retired.
[Top Secret Ability]

So,wow ! Shiranui’s looking goooooood. But what’s this? Shiranui doesn’t have Afterimage?! OH.MY.GURGUIT. That’s bad. You just got a very, very bad treatme-

WTF ?! A new keyword ?!

Bushi, stop making these idiotic new things. All the previous support goes in the drain due to this. But please, change Oracle. No questions asked.

So, Nubatama gets a second keyword called Dominate. Nothing has been spoiled as of yet, but as time passes, the keyword will debut in the anime.

(Secretly opens the wiki but sees no future Kazumi fights)

Ah well, we’ll get new episode info from  MonBushi. That’s all for the new Shira-

F**k that. I didn’t even talk about his revealed skill. During ride phase, he gives you the ability to revive one of your opponents unit from the drop. One word that describes this: Weird. So, is Nubatama trying to Granblue the opponent ? I am thinking that it assists Dominate in some sort of way. Only time will tell. Anything is possible with Bushi.

My try on Dominate: I think it will be a sort of skill like Reverse. How cool would it be to control your opponents’s units?!

The deck ratios :

  • It’s a 54 card Trial deck, having 4 G Units.
  • 17 new cards and 1 reprint (The stride fodder)
  • The price is 1300 yen

Bushi made a very good decision this time. The TDs from now on will be half Legend Decks, and more people can be introduced to the game. Except people who wanna play clans which are not MC.


G BT11- Descent of the Rogue Deity

Release date- June 9, 2017

Shoutout to the people who know me on Reddit,

I’M ON A FREAKING POSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me just say, THAT NUBATAMA GUY IS FREAKING AWESOME. He looks badass and very, very cool. But this means that we probably won’t get a Shiranui Stride Fusion. Unless Shiranui became human. Which is possible, Bushi reigns king.

The set supports : Gear Cancer, Royal Paladin, Nubatama, Dark Irregulars, Kagero, Genesis and Cray Elementals.

Royals again? Four sets in a row?! Counting the TD, Character Booster, Set 10, Legend deck, and now the booster. I can’t take this much support for abs! Even though much of the support here will be Blasters & sons. Bushi, you could postponed the set 10 support and just merge it with this set, couldn’t you? But who’ll pass up the chance for Shion “Pretty Boy” Kiba to advertise that meh card Luminous Hope, eh? Kick that Hope out out, and go jazz hands with the one and only, Brave Lancer!

Although, this is not the point of this set. This set is Aichi’s set, no questions asked. Gancelot’s getting supported, boiz!(Even though I totally hate Aichi, Gancelot git gud.)Yep, the Solitary Knight is back in action!

Ah, that reminded me. WHERE THE F**K ARE YAH, SHOUMA!? How dare you abandon my Fenrir and go MIA?! Seriously, mates, I want Fenrir support. You can’t just hand over the reins to a waifu archer L. (even though she’s totally HOT). I think the waifu is a Stride, due to the following image.

Note how the new poster boi and a Kagerian dragon is shown with her, and not Shieldmaster and new Shiranui. This reconfirms that she is a Stride. I’LL TRANSCEND THE HEAVENS FOR FENRIR SUPPORT.(Please don’t kill me, J’aime Fenrir as a GODDAMN card.)PLS SUPPORT WOLF BOI!

On that topic, Blademaster’s getting a new form (which looks like a G3, cause it has only one blade), so it’s not impossible for Wolf Boi to get support.  On Kagero’s topic, Shieldmaster exists now, so, Bladeboi won’t get much from it. Although the new Kagero Stride looks ABSOLUTELY EXQUISTE.  I’m hoping that he’s not restricted.

Nubatama’s first main set support in the whole of G. Wow, I mean, Bushi always gives them some near broken stuff, and as a result, they get Denialed from support. I’m hoping for some good support, Bushi don’t disappoint me.

Dark Irregulars support is well timed. Finally Enishi gets his alternate Strider. Also, yay for Scharhrot support! I really want some good support, something that will make Scharhrot stand out from the rest of the builds (considering that most Scharhrot support is generic, and can be used in any build.), and ScharhrotDarkness will become a good build. It has to, it has my name after all!

MYSTERY FLARE SUPPORT?! Bushi’s definitely trolling now. Mystery Flare is the most luck dependent card in entire G. On hit, CB4 to reveal 4. If you reveal a G1, G2, G3 and G0, then you get an extra turn. Became more consistent due to Demiurge’s stacking. But a card from the same set, Heteroround killed it. Let’s see what happens now.


  • Total card types: 104 (98 New+ 6 reprints)
    (GR: 2/ RRR: 9/ RR: 13/ R: 24/ C: 56)
    +12 SP + 2 SGR + 35 SP (SP clan card)
    + 3 special reprinted
  • The new booster will have 7 per pack
    instead of 5.
    Each pack will have 2 R and above,
    with a chance of 2RRs per pack!
  • 7 cards per pack/ 16packs per box/
    20 box per carton

There are Sp clan packs for :

  1. Kazumi Onimaru’s Nubatama deck
  2. Saori’s Kagero deck
  3. Verno Fahrenheart’s Genesis deck
  4. Satoru Enishi’s Dark Irregulars deck
  5. Aichi Sendou’s Royal Paladin deck

So, Genesis, DI, Royals and Kagero are getting SP packs again. I’ll update this post with more info later on in the future.

That’s all for  the new products.