The Future and Past of G Guards

FC17 spoilers start with Aqua Force!

Brawlers, VMAX and Kaisers. May you rest in pepperoni

Guard Leader of Sky and Water, Ioannis

G-FC04/045 RRR

(The young man confronts the raging waves with the sacred gem.)

Grade 4 / Magallanica /Shield 15000 – Aqua Force – Aquaroid

[G Guardian]
Auto GB1: [Counter Blast 1, choose 1 face-down G Guardian from your G Zone, flip it face-up] When this Unit is placed on (GC), you can pay the cost. If you do, you can choose up to 5 of your Rear-guards, during that turn, they gain “CONT (RC): Resist” and “CONT (RC): This Unit cannot be Hit.”, and for each chosen Unit, this Unit gains Shield+5000.

Yeah, sorry, what’s VMAX again ? An anti-control G Guard appears. First of all, I’ll declare: Why the heck is he a boy ?! I mean, his appearance sure looks like girl, doesn’t it. Well, a-anyways, skills > waifus, aren’t they ?

Hi skill is one that will bring up a protest rally by Narukami players. The first and only GB1 restricted G Guard yet, by paying one counterblast, he gives Resist to 5 of your rearguards. If that wasn’t enough to anger Narukami players to quit the game, he gets a whooping 5k shield for each rearguard chosen. That’s a incredible total of 40k shield. Quite the skill, eh?

Now the pros of the skill are that it is not restricted by that silly Wave restriction, and protects the rearguards. Really, this is the best gift for a rearguard reliant deck such as this. Thank you, Bushi. (Bushi, I swear, give us good Thunderstrike support, or be ready for retaliation.)

And yeah, he is also not a broken G Guard, as he also has his cons. He is GB1 restricted, meaning no 40k shield first G Guard, and also requires two spots in the G Zone, cramping G Zone space even more. This is actually for all clans. If the FC GR is good, even less space. Also, doesn’t help against cards which retire in the main phase.

It’s a boy ?!

Officer Cadet, Ioannis

G-FC04/069 RR

(The boy’s life was saved by a mysterious gem.)”

Grade 0 / Magallanica – Aqua Force – Aquaroid/Power 4000/Shield 10000

(You can only have up to 4 [Heal Trigger] in your Deck)
AUTO: [Choose 1 Grade 1 or lower card from your hand, discard it] When you discard this card from your hand for the cost of Calling “Guard Leader of Sky and Water, Ioannis” from your hand. If you do, draw 1 card.

The first effect heal is unveiled ! And its……………..kinda okay, I guess. I mean the fact that a heal actually does something is way better than vanilla heals. Yeah, and he is a boy, sadly.

His skill is : When discarded for G Guarding with “Guard Leader of Sky and Water, Ioannis” (The above card), you discard another grade 1 or lower card to draw one. Kinda plain and boring, would have preferred to have a bottom decking thing like Yasuie instead of discarding it. But still, hand filtering is hand filtering. No issues there. Now wait and see a broken Uluru heal.

Still, it is a good thing that we are not getting clones of this guy as our effect heals. Who wants a CCing Narukami heal, say aye !


On a sidenote, I guess I’ll do COTD article now. I’m in the middle of doing a revamped Granblue decklist, will post soon.

Personally, I’m good. The exams have started, will end on 16th, and I will be on Area more then. My IGN is ScharhrotD, so feel free to challenge me. Also, can’t see Logan:( [read: underage].

[P.S. : I bet you didn’t figure out the X-Men hint I dropped of in the heading]


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