Clan Introduction : G- Murakumo

Murakumo is a ninja clan, originating in the Dragon Empire. It is one of the two ninja clans, the other being Nubatama. Murakumo focuses on cloning units, and get additional benefits for having cards with the same name, much like Neo Nectar, However, this is where the similarity ends. Murakumo focuses on making multiattacks, getting benefits if the opponent guards, which is their keyword, Shadowstitch. It is the ultimate punisher clan, as you either take a damage or guard and have another relay of attacks on yourself.

Murakumo has a lot of good Strides, giving a lot of “final turn” chances. It’s Stride Bearer is Yasuie, which received a powered up form in the latest set.

Pros :

  • Good support, Strides etc. which make the deck fun to use
  • All fun and never-before-seen effects, such as rearguards with twin drive, calling Strides to RC etc.
  • Can make a lot of attacks in a turn, and thus increasing chances to deal damage.
  • Decent power ups.

Cons :

  • Punishes the player if he/she makes a wrong decision, often ending in losing the fight
  • Very technical, hard to grasp unlike the Paladin clans.

So, as stated above, G-Murakumo is your clan-to-play if :

  • You are willing to devote time to learn the cards, and playtest them.
  • You are sure that you can master the clan
  • You like multiattacking clans.

If you have all of the above, feel free to go below and checkout the decklist and important cards.

Beware, wall of text begins …………………

So, you have chosen to use the greatest punisher deck. Please remember to choose your cards well and play the deck carefully, if you do not want to lose.

First, I will begin with the main deck. The main staples of the deck are :

Stealth Rogue of Revelations, Yasuie :

This is the OG Strider, which was in G BT03. His Stride skill lets you clone a rearguard, by calling two more with the same name. The main issue with this skill is that if you are fighting a control deck, you do not always have a rearguard that you can clone. This issue is mainly bad if you are on a Homura Raider turn, due to which you lose the ability to instantly make use of his restanding skills, however, post Set 10, Homura Raider will not see much play. Due to cards such as Yasuie Gouma and Shibarakku Buster, you can survive without using his Stride skill.

His secondary GB2 skill is a once per turn, when you return a card to your deck, you can call it back to a RC. But, as mostly you return things to deck at the end phase, there is a chance of that rearguard being sniped, so you cannot use his Stride skill efficiently.

Another problem with it is that it does not have the clan keyword, Shadowstitch. This means he cannot receive skills, power boosts from Shadowstitch restricted skills. This is fixed to a certain degree with his retrained form, which I will talk about below

Stealth Rogue of the Trial, Yasuie :

So, Yasuie ditched his sword to become an archer ? Not so surprising, if you have read Chrontiger Rebellion’s lore. But, I have to say, he is amazing. His art is ultra cool, and his skill has some major revamps. Why the heck are archers so cool ?!

Continuing to his Stride skill, we see that he only calls one unit and gives a Shadowstitch skill. What’s so special about him, you ask. Well, the fact that he clearly says unit, and not rearguard, is good enough for me. This means, that he can clone himself ! Rejoice ! The control problem is solved !

Er, ehm. Now going to his next skill. It is a Shadowstitch skill, which makes him a lot better than OG Yasuie. He can be fetched of the Stride skill, and it makes sense that is a VC/RC skill. The more surprising thing is that it is not GB restricted, which means that if you go first, you can call a bunch of him and be fine. Now going to his actual skill. It is : draw a card, put a card from your hand into the deck if it’s attack did not hit. Hand filtering is always good : Got a crit that you wanted in your deck ? Get him in the deck with this skill. Got a extremely important loop card ? Do the same. Also, now the deck can use draw triggers, as the deck does not have a draw engine (yet).

So, these are the Grade 3’s of the deck. Honorable mention goes Aragato Spark, but playing both Yasuies for max consistency, as the deck power goes down if you do not have a Yasuie vanguard.

For grade 2’s, we have :

Stealth Rogue of Envy, Ikyuu :

Ikyuu is the new RR G2 from set 10. He is an insta 4-of because of his skills.

His first skill (shadowstitch) is if the attack does not hit, he gives a 2k power boost and the ability to attack from the back row. This is immensely useful during your Tenma turns, and destroys hand. It is definitely important even on other Stride turns.

His second  is a power gaining skill. When called, he gets a +2k boost for every one of your cards with Yasuie. Combining it with Gouma, It is an easy +6k, 8k if you clone the heart. This makes it is easy to reach numbers and attack. What’s more, it is not GB restricted. So you can attack pre Stride as well for okayish numbers.

Stealth Dragon, Yashabayashi :

I know people will disagree with me on this, but Yashabayashi is still a good G2 card and definitely should be played.

The most ticking-off thing is that he costs a SB. Yep, that’s why most people will not run him post Set 10. But he combos amazingly with the new cards and boosts power levels, while also countercharging, which helps during Tenma turns.

His second skill lets him attack from the back row, if you have a Yasuie vanguard. This makes him a lot more versatile in the deck.

Stealth Rogue of Compression, Sarashinahime :

To counter the problem of soulblasting, I have teched in Sarahinahime, or Sara for short. Her first skill lets you soulcharge 1 if you attacked with her to a vanguard, boosted and missed.

Her second skill makes her a 13k attacker by giving a rearguard -5k power. I usually use this on Fugen, and afterwards rest him to return a unit from drop to deck. Sara can easily hit numbers with the +3k Fugen gives.

Now, the Grade 1’s

Stealth Rogue of Concealment, Tanba :

Damn, English Bushi, you really messed up. Who told you that people would rather have shiny troggers instead of useful promos ?!

Rant aside, Tanba is one of the promos in the japanese only “6 pack campaign”.

His skill is that if your unit’s attack did not hit, he gets +3k power. However, this is not the best part of this card. The best part is the cost. For the cost, he returns a card from drop to deck. This is beyond useful in a Tenma turn, as you can potentially have near infinite attacks.

Loveholic Stealth Rogue, Tamanoi :

I have to admit, when she was shown in the anime, I was definitely not excited to put her in the deck. However, animation subs were messed up. After it’s actual reveal, I think it is a good 1-of or 2-of.

Her skill costs a CB & SB. You may think, isn’t that too much for a Quintet Wall ? Well, if you call a unit with the shadowstitch ability, she does get a +5k boost in defense. But the important part is the second skill. All your guardians get the skill that allows them to be returned to deck after the attack. That means, if you intercept with your rearguards, they will just go back to the deck. But, after all, she does not PG the attack, so having the old PGs will synergize with her. Still a one of for me, though.

Stealth Dragon, Onibayashi :

Another utility unit. His skill is : when your unit’s attack does not hit, he gets a skill that is when your unit’s attack hits a vanguard, put him in the soul, CC1 and draw a card. This is useful on Tenma turns and helps create on hit pressure. Also, the CC/SC does not go to waste too.

The G-Zone :

Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Yasuie Tenma :

The final finisher of the deck. By persona flipping, he gets a Shadowstitch skill that is not restricted by once per turn. At the end of the battle that your unit attacked a vanguard, if it did not hit, by paying 1 CB, he can call another copy of the card to RC. This is a very powerful skill, which helps when dealing the final damage when your opponent is at five damage.

Rogue Deity of the Third Realm, Yasuie Gouma :

Yes ! Finally, the deck has a good first Stride that sort of enables GB2. By persona flipping himself, he can call upto two face up copies of himself from the G-Zone to RC. This makes it more easy for you to deal damage. His second skill is the the same as Trial Yasuie’s VC/RC skill, only that it is only VC and “when your unit’s attack does not hit the vanguard”. Yay for more hand filtering !

Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Shibarakku Buster:

Shibarakku Buster. The card that first introduced the concept of rearguards capable of drive checks. But, he is rather costly. By paying one CB, two SB a discard and returning a card to the deck, he clones a rearguard and gives him the ability to perform drive checks only for the first battle during that turn. By cloning your heart, you can instantly have five drive checks in one turn !

Now that I have explained most parts of the deck, it is now time for the decklist

So, without further ado, here is the decklist for Murakumo !

Grade 0 :

x1 Stealth Demon of Crow Feathers, Fugen (SV)

x4 Stealth Beast, Drench Serpent

x4 Stealth Rogue of Beauty, Agemaki

x4 Stealth Rogue of the Fiendish Blade, Masamura

x4 Stealth Rogue, Hinoekomachi

Grade 1 :

x4 Gateway Stealth Rogue, Ataka

x1 Loveholic Stealth Rogue, Tamanoi

x3 Stealth Beast, Leaves Mirage

x3 Stealth Rogue of Concealment, Tanba

x3 Stealth Dragon, Onibayashi

Grade 2 :

x4 Stealth Rogue of Envy, Ikyuu

x4 Stealth Dragon, Yashabayashi

x3 Stealth Rogue of Compression, Sarashinahime

Grade 3 :

x4 Stealth Rogue of the Trial, Yasuie (Main ride)

x4 Stealth rogue of Revelations, Yasuie

G-Zone :

x4 Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Yasuie Tenma

x4 Rogue Deity of the Third Realm, Yasuie Gouma

x1 Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Shibarakku Buster

x1 Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Onibibu Radar

x2 Ambush Demon Stealth Dragon, Homura Raider f

x2 Ambush Demon Stealth Rogue, Shishiyuzuki

x2 Ambush Demon Stealth Fiend, Hougen Wing

So now, I will explain how your game should go :

  1. Be on your strider (preferably Trial Yasuie)
  2. First Stride : Yasuie Gouma (GB2 enabler)
  3. i. If your opponent is at three-four damge : Stride Shibarraku Buster                              ii. If your opponent is at five damage : Stride Yasuie Tenma

This should be your go to for striding. Now going on to Case Scenarios :

Disclaimer : In no known reality will these skills trigger, or you will get the cards required for this always. These are just scenarios.

Scenario 1 :

You are Striding first, have Ikyuu in hand, 6 cards in hand

  • Stride into Yasuie Gouma.
  • Use the Stride skill to call out another Trial Yasuie.
  • Use Gouma’s skill to call another Gouma.
  • Call Ikyuu from hand to backrow, behind Trial Yasuie.
  • Ikyuu triggers, boosting him to 15k power
  • Switch Trial Yasuie and Ikyuu’s places.
  • Attack with Ikyuu, guarded by a 10k shield
  • Give +2k and back row attack ability to Trial Yasuie, draw a card and return a card to deck with Gouma
  • Attack with Trial Yasuie for 13k
  • Guarded, trigger both Yasuie’s skill to draw 2 return 2
  • Attack with RC Gouma, hits.
  • Attack with VC Gouma, triple drive, hits
  • Turn end by returning Goumas to G Zone, 8 cards in hand.

Scenario 2 :

Have Trial Yasuie as VG, 5 open CB, 5 soul, 6 cards in hand (Ikyuu, Yashabayashi, Onibayashi, Tanba, Stride fodder, PG), GB2 enabled, opponent at 4 damage.

  • Stride into Yasuie Tenma, 5 cards in hand, Fugen in back row, Sara in front row.
  • Clone Sara over Sara with Stride skill. Minus Fugen to +5k Sara.
  • Rest Fugen to return Sara to deck.
  • Call all cards from hand to RC, as shown. SB 1 for Yasha, 4 soul, 1 card in hand

Ikyuu (11k)               Tenma (26k)                Sara (13k)

Yasha (9k)               Tanba(7k)          Onibayashi (7k)

  • Attack with Sara, boosted by Onibayashi (20k), guarded. SC1, Call another Sara over Sara, -5k to Onibayashi, +5k to Sara. Tanba triggers, send Sara to deck for +3k. 4 open CB, 5 soul
  • Attack another time with Sara, hits. CC1/SC1 with Oni. 5 open CB, 6 soul

Ikyuu (11k)                      Tenma (26k)              Sara (13k)(rest)

Yasha (9k)                          Tanba(10k)                 (Open RG)

  • Ikyuu attacks, guarded. Tenma’s skill to call Ikyuu to the open RC. Old Ikyuu gives +2k and attack from back row to new Ikyuu. Tanba triggers, +3k. 4 open CB, 6 soul.

Ikyuu (11k)(rest)                   Tenma (26k)            Sara (13k)(rest)

Yasha (9k)                               Tanba(13k)              Ikyuu (13k)

  • New Ikyu attacks, guarded, gives +2k and attack from back row to Tanba. Tenma calls another Ikyuu over the first Ikyuu. Tanba’s skill, returning Ikyuu and +3k. 3 open CB, 6 soul.

Ikyuu (11k)                         Tenma (26k)                Sara (13k)(rest)

Yasha (9k)                             Tanba(18k)             Ikyuu (13k)(rest)

  • Attack with Yasha, doesn’t hit. Tenma activates, calling new Yasha over the rest Ikyuu. Yasha’s skill, CC1 and  +2k to new Yashabayashi. Tanba triggers, returning Ikyuu to deck. 4 open CB, 5 soul.

Ikyuu (11k)                         Tenma (26k)                    Sara (13k)(rest)

Yasha (9k)(rest)                    Tanba(21k)                         Yasha (11k)

  • New Yasha attacks, doesn’t hit. Tenma calls new Yasha over the Yashabayashi behind Ikyuu. Tanba triggers, +3k and returns Yasha to deck. Yasha triggers, CC1 and +2k to new Yasha. 4 open CB, 4 soul.

Ikyuu (11k)                    Tenma (26k)            Sara (13k)(rest)

Yasha (11k)                    Tanba(24k)             Yasha (11k)(rest)

  • Tenma attacks, unboosted. PG’ed. Stand trigger, all effects to Sara. Tenma triggers calling Trial Yasuie over rest Yasha. Tanba activates, +3k and returning Yasha to deck. 3 open Cb, 4 soul.

Ikyuu (11k)               Tenma (26k)(rest)               Sara (18k)

Yasha (11k)               Tanba(27k)                         Trial Yasuie (11k)

  • Ikyu attacks, guarded, gives Trial Yasuie back row attack and +2k. Tenma activates, calling new Ikyuu over old. Sara attacks, guarded. Tanba’s skill, gets +3k and returns a unit (stride fodder). 2 open Cb, 4 soul.

Ikyuu (13k)                 Tenma (26k)(rest)               Sara (18k)(rest)

Yasha (11k)                      Tanba(30k)                     Trial Yasuie (13k)

  • Yasha attacks, guarded, CC1, gives +2k to Trial Yasuie. Tenma’s skill, replaces Yasha with Yasha. Tanba activates, returns Yasha and +3k. 2 open CB, 3 soul.

Ikyuu (13k)                   Tenma (26k)(rest)                Sara (18k)(rest)

Yasha (11k)                          Tanba(33k)                   Trial Yasuie (15k)

  • Yasha attacks, guarded, CC1 and gives +2k to Trial Yasuie. Tenma’s skill, replaces Yasha with Yasha. Tanba activates, returns Yasha and +3k. 2 open CB, 2 soul.

Ikyuu (13k)                 Tenma (26k)(rest)              Sara (18k)(rest)

Yasha (9k)                      Tanba(36k)                    Trial Yasuie (17k)

  • Trial Yasuie attacks, doesn’t hit, draw 1 & return 1 to deck. Tenma triggers, calling new Trial Yasuie over Sara. 1 open CB, 2 soul.

Ikyuu (13k)             Tenma (26k)(rest)          Trial Yasuie (11k)

Yasha (9k)                   Tanba(39k)              Trial Yasuie (17k)(rest)

  • New Trial Yasuie attacks, guarded. Tenma’s skill to call another Trial Yasuie over previous rest Yasuie. Tanba’s skill to return Yauie to deck. Yasuie’s draw one, return 1 to deck. 0 open CB, 2 soul.
  • Ikyuu attacks, misses, gives +2k and back row attack to new Yasuie.Tanba’s skill to recycle Yasuie.

Ikyuu (13k)(rest)            Tenma (26k)(rest)            Trial Yasuie (11k)(rest)

Yasha (9k)                                 Tanba(45k)             Trial Yasuie (13k)

  • Yasha attacks, doesn’t hit, CC1 & +2k to Trial Yasuie. Tenma’s skill to call new Yasha over previous. Tanba’s skill to recycle. 0 open CB, 1 soul.

Ikyuu (11k)(rest)              Tenma (26k)(rest)             Trial Yasuie (11k)(rest)

Yasha (9k)                                  Tanba(48k)                Trial Yasuie (15k)

  • Yasha attacks, doesn’t hit, CC1 and +2k to Trial Yasuie. Tenma’s skill to call another Yasha over Yasha. Tanba’s skill to return Yasha to deck. 0 open CB, 0 soul.

Ikyuu (11k)(rest)        Tenma (26k)(rest)    Trial Yasuie (11k)(rest)

Yasha (9k)                          Tanba(51k)             Trial Yasuie (17k)

  • Tanba attacks for 51k , and Trial Yasuie attacks for 17k.
  • Turn end.

So, this is the ultimate turn ! For your opponent to survive this, he needs atleast 131k guard and a PG, or 162k guard.

So this my clan intro for Murakumo. Hope you like it !

Stand up, Vanguard !


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